Brick wall falls in high winds


A BRICK wall fell over and commuters were left in chaos during high winds on Friday.

The landlady of the Park Tavern Pub, next to Priory Park, woke up to find half her brick wall had fallen down.

The roof had been undergoing repairs and the tiles had been removed.

Without the tiles there to hold the structure in place, the whole wall fell outwards and into the neighbour’s garden.

“We were lucky it fell outwards and not in and it missed the neighbour’s conservatory and shed,” said landlady Jill Winstone.

“It must have happened around 2am but none of us heard it,” she added.

“Luckily the roofers were here anyway so they started repairs straight away.”

The wall was quickly repaired and business continued as usual that day.

Elsewhere, a broken down train at Fishbourne caused havoc for commuters in the morning.

The 5.53am service from Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour struck a tree lying on the track in Fishbourne.

A Southern Rail spokesman said the tree was probably blown onto the track by the high winds.

Replacement bus services were operating between Barnham and Havant.

Train services to and from Portsmouth Harbour and Southampton Central were subject to delays and short notice cancellations.