Brown tells court he didn’t murder Debbie Levey

Debbie Levey
Debbie Levey

A DRIVER accused of murder has told a jury he ‘can’t believe’ police think he could have killed the woman he loved.

Phillip Brown, in his mid forties, from Selsey, is charged with murdering Debbie Levey, 44, of Cherry Tree Cottage, in East Ashling.

She was found dead on January 28, 2013, at her home.

“I loved her to bits, I couldn’t imagine spending a day without her,” he told the jury at Lewes Crown Court this morning (January 24).

“I didn’t go into that property at all. I didn’t see her at all that day. I didn’t suffocate her at all.”

He said the last time he saw Ms Levey before her death was Thursday, January 24, when they met at Tesco in Chichester.

He was charged with her murder in May.

When asked what he felt when charged he said he was ‘angry and annoyed’.

“I can’t believe that they would believe that I would hurt her,” he said.

He has admitted in court that he sent numerous abusive messages to Ms Levey throughout their relationship, including wishing she would die on the operating table.

He said there was ‘no excuse’ for sending the messages.

“It’s the worst thing I could have ever done,” he said.

“I don’t know how I could even type such a message, let alone send it to someone I love.”

While giving evidence he wiped tears from his eyes and at times was emotionally choked.

The trial continues, more to follow.