Building work led to risks at Southbourne care home

A Southbourne care home has been criticised by an industry watchdog for its fall in standards while building work is carried out.

A report from the Care Quality Commission said ‘people were at risk due to staff not following safeguarding procedures’ at Fraryhurst Nursing Home in Prinsted.

The report outlined a number of failings, including the lack of proper heating and trip hazards throughout the building as carpets were ripped and torn.

Clients have also been unable to access the communal garden for a year, and one client was even bound to their bedroom for a day because of the work.

The report added: “Despite building works being undertaken to improve the environment, it is currently not fit for purpose or its regulated activities.

“People currently do not live in an environment that promotes their health, safety and comfort.”

The CQC made an unanounced visit to the home in February as part of a routine checkup.

Owner Matthew Bennett said residents were found alternative accomodation shortly after the visit, and that they will be moving back into a much improved home once work is finished at the end of April.

“It’s a £2m project. which has been going on for a bout 15 months,” he said.

“Some residents had been there for ten years and they were very keen to stay, but we decided it would be better to move them.

“It will be completed by the end of April. The residents are absolutely champing at the bit to get back there.It’s a petty radical improvement , it wasn’t really fit for purpose.”

A CQC spokesman said: “The Care Quality Commission carried out a routine unannounced inspection at Fraryhurst Nursing Home in February 2012.

“Inspectors found that major building works were being carried out at the home.

“These were having a negative impact on the care and welfare of people living there.

“Inspectors were concerned that restricted access to toilets and bathrooms had resulted in people not being able to have baths.

“On two occasions, staff at the home had recorded that a person living at the home had developed a cough which the staff concerned believed was due to the dust generated by the building works.

“Staff also told CQC that people living at the home had not been able to access a garden area at the home for over a year because of the building works.

“Inspectors saw electric heaters around the home. Staff told inspectors that this was because the building works had led to intermittent problems with the heating system.

“Inspectors saw signs on all the sinks in the home advising that the water should not be used or drunk.

“Noise from the works taking place outside was audible in the lounge.

“People did not live in an environment which promoted their health, safety and comfort.

“Inspectors found that insufficient assessments had taken place with regards to the impact the building works would have on care delivery, and care records were not up to date.

“Following CQC concerns, the home arranged for all the people living there to be moved until the works were complete. CQC will continue to monitor Fraryhurst Nursing Home closely once it reopens to ensure it meets the essential standards for care that everyone is entitled to expect.”

The home is one of two run by Springfield Nursing Homes, the second being Springfield Nursing Home in Havant Road, Emsworth.