Arundel campervan business heads down the road to success

One of Jason Denman's VW campervans
One of Jason Denman's VW campervans

Jason Denman launched Arun Valley Campers, hiring out classic VW Campervans, in the summer of last year. Based in North Stoke, near Arundel, the vans are all fully refurbished and are proving very popular.

Mr Denman, who is also a mechanic has two VW vans and three more that he is currently renovating.

He has a passion for all sorts of vehicles, so he thought it’d be great to channel that enthusiasm into something a bit more creative, and ultimately more fun.

He said: “I used to go surfing in Devon a lot and my gran lives down that way. She gave me money for a campervan and I think her idea was to get me to go and visit her more!

“As I have a mechanical workshop, and that is my full time profession I decided to start restoring VW vans and rent them out as a side project.

“It’s worked out really well and I’m almost fully booked up until the end of October. People like to get away from London and have a long weekend away and the campervans are perfect for that.”

Mr Denman said that if it really takes off, he hopes to buy a new VW van each year and slowly build up the business. He currently owns JD Autos, a mechanical workshop based in North Stoke Farm, Amberley, and VW Campervans is a part-time project which he hopes to expand into a full-time venture.

For more information visit the 
website at or call 01798 839106.