Asset management company seeks land around Chichester

AN asset management company is asking landowners in the Chichester area to consider exploring securing planning permission for development.

Horizon Asset Management, manager of the British Property Opportunities Fund, is offering joint venture terms to landowners in the district. It believes securing planning permission for housing development can enhance the value of agricultural land significantly.

Research commissioned by the company, which operates from the Cayman Islands, has identified around 500 acres across 85 sites suitable for housing development in Chichester.

Bill McClintock, chairman of BPOF’s investment committee, said: “One of the great attributes to Chichester is that local property values were not hit so hard by the recession as other parts of the UK. “This is because of the strength of the local economy and its attractions as a place to live. “There is no doubt that the legal and policy changes will make the whole planning and conversion of land usage much harder but the potential rewards are substantial.” For more information visit