Blockbuster units could become convenience stores

C130082-1 Chi Blockbuster  phot kate
C130082-1 Chi Blockbuster phot kate

SUPERMARKET firm Morrisons has announced the purchase of 49 Blockbuster stores as it begins an expansion of its convenience brand ‘M’.

This comes after the second phase of closures of the video rental stores – of which the Chichester branch fell victim.

The Bognor Regis store was one of the first stores to get the chop in phase one of the closures.

Morrisons has not yet announced which stores it has purchased, but the South East was said to be a particular focus for the company.

Chichester’s Blockbuster in Market Road, and the Bognor Regis store on the High Street, could both become local ‘M’ stores in the takeover.

The retailer has stated its intention to open at least 70 Morrisons M local stores by the end of 2013, starting with the South East.

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