Bosham pub to close for weeks because of flooding

A PUB in Bosham has been forced to close its doors for a number of weeks due to the flooding, despite only opening nine months ago.

The White Swan Pub and Restaurant on Station Road was badly hit by water building up in the road and flowing through its doors during the flooding chaos.

Pub owners Tina and Nick Irish did their best to prevent the water from pouring in and placed a number of sand bags at the entrance to the pub.

Tina said: “We’re just devastated, a foot of water was flowing into the restaurant. We have only been open nine months.”

A sewage pipe located near to the pub also burst, which cracked the pavement and concrete, causing contaminate water to flow into the premises.

Nick and Tina have now begun a major clean-up operation to clear the water, dry out the building and refurbish the pub, ahead of a second re-opening. Deep clean specialists have been contacted and a major clean-up is under way to refurbish The White Swan as soon as possible.

With the added problem of the sewage water, pub owners Tina and Neil believe the pub will remain closed for the next two to three weeks.

Tina added: “We will try our absolute best to get the pub refurbished and open again as soon as we possibly can, it is such a shame, apologies to our customers for the fact that we’re not open.”

Tina and Nick would like to direct customers to their website at for updates on their restoration and date of re-opening.