Car detailing business in Rose Green is on the right track

There’s nothing quite like seeing a Ferrari gleaming in the sun after you’ve worked on it,” says Paul Every of his new business venture.

The self-confessed petrolhead from Rose Green has spent his life surrounded by cars and is now taking his passion for motors to the next level.

His new car detailing service, which offers high-level valet finishes to a wealth of largely sporty motors, continues to see him deal with some of the most highly sought-after luxury motors on our roads.

But as Paul explains, he’s just as happy applying the finishing touches of professional quality waxes to a much-loved family car than weekend vehicles.

“I’ve liked cleaning cars ever since year dot, which people have always taken the mickey out of me for, but then I started learning about detailing and realised I had a talent for it when I was asked by someone who had a Porsche body repair shop,” adds the IT consultant, who believes his new business offers a rewarding contrast from sitting in front of a laptop all-day.

After spending more-than a decade project-managing for IBM around the country, he explains his ambition is to be able to eventually carry out detailing on a broad spectrum of sought-after vehicles.

To gain a pin-sharp paintwork finish is something of an artform which he feels is as an under-rated craft. His latest work, on a Ferrari 355 Spider, is no exception, being one of only two of its kind in the country.

“I’ve never been the kind of person that wanted to work 9-5 and my partner has noticed a real difference in me since I’ve been doing this. She sees me with a smile on my face rather than worn down from a day in the office. It can be quite back-breaking work, but I really enjoy it,” says Paul, 37, of Lincoln Avenue, who reveals he stores his £300 pots of professional car wax in his fridge just to keep them in the best condition possible.

Startlingly, he explains it’s possible to pay up to £10,000 for specialist car waxes, but he believes that at several hundred pounds, the professional brand (RaceGlaze) he uses more than gets the job done.

One of his most challenging jobs was rescuing a neighbour’s Ford Mondeo after their daughter decided to clean it with a kitchen scouring pad, wreaking considerable damage – which Paul was able to restore far more cost-effectively than a respray.

Intriguingly, he says more customers are now turning to him for preventative detailing work to be done on brand new cars.

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