Chichester web developer’s new business is thriving

C121029-1 Chi Bus Web Developer  phot kate''Web designer David Friel.C121029-1
C121029-1 Chi Bus Web Developer phot kate''Web designer David Friel.C121029-1

David Friel, 22, of Chichester started his web development business in June, and things have taken off quickly.

He decided in his summer break from university, to set up a business where he could help small local companies to advertise themselves better online. Three months later, things are going well.

Mr Friel works to make a comprehensive but easy-to-use website for his clients, makes sure it has the best SEO keywords attached to it so that people find it first, and once the website is complete he will give a tutorial on how to use it.

He said: “A website is the front door and first impression of a business so it must be well designed and user friendly to attract people in. It is also important that people can find your website in the first place. I can find out how many people are looking for your business online and are not finding a website. Then I can make sure your website contains the key words they are looking for, so your site comes up first on the search engine.”

After being involved in business for years, this is his most successful venture which he hopes to continue through his last year at university studying International Business.

“I have started up small businesses for a long time from when I was about 13 when I went to Ford market and sold cameras I found there on ebay for profit. But this business is the most successful as I love working with people and helping them.

“I make sure my clients know how to use the site which is the most important thing, because what’s the use of a great flashy website you can’t operate.”

Lynn and Arthur Smith run a B&B business, The Cottage Guesthouse in Chichester, and Mr Friel built their website for them.

Mrs Smith said: “I attempted to build a website myself but it was too difficult so I gave up. I decided we needed a website when people would say they couldn’t find us online and it started to become embarrassing telling them we didn’t have a site.

“Dave was very reasonable and we got a great service. He taught me how to use the site and it has been great for business.”

Mr Friel said he aims to help small businesses and individuals who don’t know much about the internet.

He said: “I go to these people, offer them a decent price for a quality product that will help them boost their business, and that is why I think I’m doing well.”

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