Chichester welcomes new coffee bar

AN ITALIAN espresso company opened its first UK bar in Chichester last month.

The Attibassi Espresso Bar opened its doors for business on Monday, July 16, at Eastgate Square, offering real Italian coffee as well as ice-cream and specialist Italian pastries.

Lunch platters will be on offer from this weekend (August 4), with Italian breads, salami and hams, and there are also plans to have breakfast pastries and real squeezed orange juice on the menu.

Marc Perry, managing director of Attibassi UK, said: “I decided to open the Attibassi espresso bar in Chichester because I thought the concept would be appreciated here as in the past few years a lot of continental-style cafes and restaurants have popped up with good success.

“There are positives and negatives with choosing the square next to Carluccio’s and Brasserie Blanc.

“Obviously it would be hard to go head-to-head with these big companies and I will lose customers that would rather use them, but hopefully we can offer something different to bring customers in, and the positives of being next to such names is the passing trade that is already there.

“I think the best asset of the espresso bar is the quality of the coffee together with the training we have received in Italy to produce coffee that is exactly as it is in Italy.

“All the baristas on site have been trained by Attibassi at the roasting plant in Bologna.”

Mr Perry used to be a cyclist and travelled to Italy regularly, and it was then his passion for real Italian coffee began.

He then realised there wasn’t anywhere to buy it the UK, so his business idea came from this gap in the market.

He has tried to make the bar as Italian as it can be, and an Italian architect was even commissioned to design the coffee bar.

Attaibassi is open every day from 7.30am-8pm.