'Chichester will be known for coffee shops and vaping': Reaction to new store in city centre

North Street
North Street

News that a vaping shop will be opening up in Chichester has proved unpopular with some Observer readers.

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Every Cloud Vape Shop will move into a premises in Cathedral Courtyard on Saturday (March 16), the owners have announced.

Sharing their thoughts on social media, some readers of The Observer were not too happy about the announcement.

Nikki Louise Jones said: "There is already a few... Chichester is just gonna be known for coffee shops and vaping... It's getting pathetic now!"

Adrian Marden said: "If there is enough demand it will succeed. Just amazes me they think they help people quit smoking. Lots of 'vapers' seem to young to have ever smoked a real cigarette."

Many comments also joked whether the shop would be selling coffee too.

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Iain Jessup said: "Another? Aren't there three already. I am concerned about the long term effects of vaping, since you are putting a chemical and flavouring into your lungs and no long term trials have been conducted.

"Remember that 60+ years ago cigarettes were recommended for those suffering with coughs etc."

Chris Jenkinson said: "Wow... How exciting, not! What is the next headline going to be? It is a shop, better than an empty shop, but seriously, how long will it last?"