Concerns raised as new homes are planned in Southbourne

RESERVATIONS have been raised about a development of 42 houses planned in Southbourne.

Last we reported in the Observer that the 1.55 hectare site at Gosden Green Nursery, at 112 Main Road is the subject of a planning application to build 42 homes.

Southbourne district councillor Graham Hicks said there were a number of concerns about the project, which were not dissimilar from a previous application made at the site in 2005 for affordable housing.

“It’s basically the same concerns that applied then,” he said. “Although the number of dwellings is less.

“There are concerns because it is outside the settlement policy area, it is within the strategic gap and the area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s on a very busy road and there are seven accesses already leading on to the A259 within approximately 250m of this site.

“There are concerns about the high water plane in that area and the fact that large clusters of affordable housing are not compatible in modern life.

“Affordable housing should be dispersed through the area.”

The site currently comprises a house with a swimming pool and a number of outbuildings which will be demolished, as well as a number of large greenhouses.

If the outline planning application is permitted they will be replaced by 28 three-bedroom homes, and 14 two-bedroom homes.

Seventeen of the homes will be classed as affordable housing.

New hedges and trees will also be planted at the northern and southern boundaries and the existing hedges on the eastern, western and southern boundaries will be reinforced.

The site will have provision for 72 car parking spaces designated for the homes, and a further 17 unallocated spaces spread around the site.

The planning statement submitted with the application states: “Redevelopment of this semi-derelict site in the manner proposed would achieve a marked environmental enhancement and efficient use of this semi-derelict, sustainable land without causing demonstrable harm.”

To comment on the plans write to Chichester District Council with your views quoting the application number SB/11/00949/OUT before April 8.