HMV Chichester closure: What our readers think

HMV in East Street
HMV in East Street

Readers of the Observer have shared their views after the announcement the city's HMV store would be closing today.

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Commenting on social media, readers suggested which businesses should take over the site, gave their thoughts on why HMV might have shut down, and what the effect will be on the high street.

Michelle Mouland said: "Soon there won't be any shop in Chichester. I hardly go into town now unless it's to Boots, card shopping or the bank. Portsmouth, Brighton and Southampton are more appealing to my children's age group with having Primark. Love Chichester but too many places to eat."

Heidi Lyons said: "At least it's not closing down due to high rent and crazy business rates, it's closing due to poor sales because everyone now downloads or streams music and films."

Leza Hale suggested '[we] might as well shut whole town down at this rate'.

Simon Garton said: "Just how we shop is totally different I can't remember the last time I went in to a HMV, time for change."

Teresa Trust said: "Very sad indeed, people aren't going to want to visit Chichester as there is nothing to come in for and they aren't coming just for coffee."

Oliver English said; "I'm sad that HMV has now closed in Chi, I did but a couple of CDs recently, which was £5 cheaper than buying from Amazon."Chichester's lost businesses: The changing nature of our high street

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Christopher Green said: "The way people are listening to music and watching TV is changing fast and has been for some time. HMV failed to stay ahead of the trends and have ended up our of business. I'm surprised they held on so long really."

Joanne Reddin pointed out that Chichester is no longer featured on the HMV website. When typed in to the page, a pin is dropped at the nearest site in Portsmouth's Gunwharf.