Independent business is ‘being killed off by the council’

Danny and Julie Kelly who own Julie's Kitchen Diner, with banners designed by Julie
Danny and Julie Kelly who own Julie's Kitchen Diner, with banners designed by Julie
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“THE district council is killing independent businesses.”

Those were the words of a disgruntled café-owner, who says his business will fold within three months if the council does not let him advertise.

In August last year, Chichester District Council sent a letter to Danny and Julie Kelly not to advertise their business, Julie’s Kitchen Diner, with banners and A-boards on the side of the B2145 Selsey Road. The signs were on the road approaching Enbourne Business Park.

However, owners Danny and Julie Kelly said the banners were tastefully designed.

They said the boards were just another advert showing passers-by what lies within the business park – which is set back from the main road.

“We used to be busy all day, but since we took the signs down in September we have less than a dozen people a day,” Mr Kelly said.

“There are many small businesses struggling and it is down to the council.”

Mr Kelly said people did not realise the café was there, adding: “Fifty years ago people didn’t need advertising because everyone knew where you were, but nowadays, unless you put a sign in front of people’s noses, they are never going to find you.”

A district council spokeswoman said: “The signage at this site needed consent and was considered excessive and unduly conspicuous in the rural area.

“The signage did not comply with the national advertisement regulations which are in place to protect the quality of the rural environment. If the business owner would like to get in contact with us we can provide advice on possible solutions.”