Independents Day will be a boost for local economy

City centre manager Kim Long
City centre manager Kim Long

AS A BOOST for independent shops in the city, the Observer has teamed up with Chichester BID to bring the biggest and best Independents Day around.

The event, fittingly on July 4, will promote 101 independent shops inside the city walls.

The Observer will feature a four-page supplement on June 27 and July 4, with a map of the shops involved and various offers available exclusively for Observer readers.

“It’s so important for us as a newspaper to support the local businesses in this way,” said Observer editor-in-chief Colin Channon.

“Local businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy and if we can encourage our readers to support them then we have done our job.

“Hopefully shoppers will visit some independent shops they didn’t even realise were there – and who knows, they might become loyal customers.”

On Thursday, July 4, every shop involved in Independents Day will have bunting outside the shop, and there will be volunteers around the city to point you in the direction of the shop you need.

City centre manager Kim Long said: “The day will promote and showcase the independent businesses within the city and encourage shoppers to come back.

“Chichester is known for its varied independent shops, which makes it so different from other shopping towns and cities around and it’s important that we continue to support them.”

To add to the festive atmosphere of the day, buskers will be providing entertainment throughout the city, and Chichester BID’s community chess tables will be out for shoppers to take a break and challenge someone to a game.

Shops from the following streets are getting involved on Independents Day: Crane Street, Eastgate, East Street, Guildhall Street, Little London, North Pallant, North Street, South Street, West Street, Southgate, St Johns Street, St Martins, The Hornet, and a couple from outside the city walls in Stockbridge Road and St Pancras.

See Thursday’s Observer (June 20),for interviews with some of the traders who are on board, what they have to offer on the day, and how they think Independents Day will boost their businesses.