Public apology follows Emsworth factory noise concerns

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A FURNITURE designer and maker has apologised to Emsworth residents for noise disruption caused by its factory upgrades.

Morgan Furniture, based in Emsworth and established in 1948, is working with the council, acoustic engineers and the equipment manufacturer in an effort to reduce noise levels caused by its factory’s new extraction systems.

The new system was installed in August and replaced the 30-year-old system.

It was anticipated the new equipment used to extract wood chippings and sawdust from the factory would be cleaner and quieter.

Despite the supplier carrying out modifications to the equipment to reduce the noise, the levels are still too high.

A number of options are now being explored, which include acoustically screening the plant, cladding the ducting and installing silencers and attenuators.

“We take our environmental responsibilities very serious-ly. We are ISO 14001, which is a demanding international standard, and we have won numerous awards for our attitude and achievements,” said Rodney McMahon, managing director at Morgan Furniture.

“I apologise to local residents for the current noise and disturbance which is clearly quite unacceptable by those standards,” Mr McMahon added. In the last 12 months Morgan has invested £1.2m to renovate and upgrade the factory buildings and staff maintain the recent development is uncharacteristic and regrettable.

Once recommendations are received from the acoustic engineers, Morgan intend to bring noise levels down as soon as possible. Staff will be inviting residents to an Open Evening to look around the factory and meet Morgans staff.