Streetwear pop-up shop in Chichester embracing a future with robots

Since 2045 in Cathedral Courtyard, Southgate
Since 2045 in Cathedral Courtyard, Southgate

A pop-up streetwear shop which has appeared in Chichester has said their products are about 'embracing the future'.

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Since 2045 in Cathedral Courtyard, Southgate

Since 2045 in Cathedral Courtyard, Southgate

Streetwear brand Since 2045 opened in Cathedral Courtyard on Tuesday (December 11). Owners hope to be at the site until late January selling hoodies, sweaters, baseball caps and other items of clothing.

Founders Carole Kavanagh and Richard Claydon design and create the products and have someone selling products in LA too.

Carole said: "The response has been really interesting. We've had some really good comments, people are pleased there's something new. The comments are; 'it's new', 'it's different' and it is actually about the future, not about the past and I think people are pleased that somebody is trying to do something that is new and not just copying so that has been really good.

"Last weekend was quite tricky with Storm Dierdre — that didn't help out passing traffic at all.

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"The ethos really is about embracing the future and really embracing the fact that robots will be part of our future, 2045, if you Google it is called the year of the singularity which could be a year when robots have the same artificial intelligence as human beings which sometimes can be a bit scary, however they are here and it's about how we embrace them and make them part of our lives, make them significant and look at the positive things they are doing.

"I was talking earlier about prosthetics and about what things they are going to be able to do that they cant do now with the help of robots.

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"It's focusing on the good things that robots can help us with rather than the scary stuff."

Streetwear is a style of fashion which comes from skateboarding and hip-hop culture.

Carole added: "I think there's nothing quite like it and everyone has said this looks really cool so it's following a new trend. There's room for both mainstream brands and individual brands which is what we are."

She said pop-ups 'teach us a lot' about marketing and who the consumer is, what consumers are looking for and if they price points are.