UPDATE: Care home backtracks after Lavant Hall confusion

The proposed care home in Broyle Road
The proposed care home in Broyle Road

A CARE company has backtracked after saying it would not be changing the name of its new care home.

Colten Care plans to open Lavant Hall, in Broyle Road.

However, last week it was reported Lavant residents were worried the name could cause confusion with its own village hall.

In a letter to the village hall trustees, the company’s chief executive said it consulted on the name and it was accepted by Chichester City Council and Royal Mail.

However, this week the chief executive Mark Aitchison has written an open letter inviting people to suggest alternative names.

Here is the letter in full which was published on this week’s letters page in the Observer (January 29).

“While work is progressing well on our forthcoming Chichester care home, due to open in spring 2016, we note the comments from those who say its proposed name, Lavant Hall, may cause some local confusion (‘Can there be two Lavant Halls?’ – Chichester Observer, January 22).

“We are a family-owned business, not a large corporate, and we are building a much-needed home in Broyle Road to support the wider area’s increasing elderly population.

“We want the home to become a long-term part of the local community landscape. It will have 72 bedrooms and create more than 100 jobs for local people.

“In giving serious thought to the name, we considered various local themes.

“The reason we opted for ‘Lavant’ was that we felt the river was an essential part of Chichester’s history and character.

“We decided against ‘Lavant House’ because of the nearby school of the same name.

“We felt the village hall, Lavant Memorial Hall, was sufficiently differentiated by the word ‘Memorial’.

Our proposed name has gone through all the correct procedures with both the District Council and Royal Mail.

“However, we are a company that listens and we do not want to leave visitors or delivery drivers confused if there is too much of a similarity with the name of the village hall.

“Nor do we wish to cause upset in the community.

“We had also shortlisted four alternative names, Roussillon House, Roussillon Hall, Lavant Lodge and Lavant Manor, before deciding on Lavant Hall.

“Changing the name now is not without issues, but I would very much like to know what local people think.

“We have set up a dedicated email, Chichester@ColtenCare.co.uk, so people can let us know what they think of Lavant Hall and whether they prefer one of the other options instead.

“We thank you for feedback and comments are appreciated.”