What could make our city even better? Here's what you had to say...

Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral

We asked you, 'What could make our city even better?' Here's is what you had to say...

In a survey about what people come into Chichester for, where they come from, and what they would like to see happening in the city, we received a lot of great suggestions from parents, music fans, shoppers, workers and other residents.

Take the survey here: Chichester survey: What could make the city even better?
One of the more popular comments under the post came from Lee Payne who said: "Somewhere to DJ live music until 2am. It's needed badly. Would love to DJ later however 2am would be a good start. All genres different nights of the week. Disco is massive at the moment.

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"House is needed. Soul nights. 80s nights. 70s nights. The list goes on. Thursday's should never have closed. Music feeds the soul. Just somewhere to let go and have a good dance later that 11.30 - 12."

Natasha Percival said: "Should have an events venue with social meetings so all year groups can go i.e. Bingo nights or dance groups for adults and children and social gatherings and more range of shops and no more coffee shops."

Tom Taylor said: "Cut parking prices! People don't visit town/city anymore because the council usually charge outrageous amounts for parking. So they'll do it online or go to a retail park where there''s free parking!"

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Claire Thomson said: "A great soft play centre for our children so we don't have to travel to Ford for some all age and all weather fun. Not sure why we need two trampoline parks."

Max Todd called the pedestrianisation of South Street and West Street to allow cafés and bars outdoor seating.

Daniel Gurney said: "Less coffee shops, more places to go and not be expected to spend extortionate amounts of money. So far the only place you can enter and not have to spend loads of money is the underfunded library. To be in your 20s in Chichester is a waste of a life.

"Perhaps a night club on the city outskirts, or maybe more stalls in the street selling unique items. Chichester is bleached of fun."