Businesses unite to 
re-boot the community


STREET parties, floral displays and the creation of a loyalty card are among the ideas mooted to bring a boost to two villages.

Around 30 impassioned business men and women have united and formed the Bracklesham and East Wittering Local Business Alliance, with the vision to recreate a thriving local centre and close-knit community to be proud of.

Rosario Cinqemani, owner of Rosario’s Tapas and Wine bar, in Oakfield Road, East Wittering, called the meeting and asked fellow residents what they could do together to prompt change.

“The village is getting bigger and bigger and we are getting less and less people coming into the village,” he said.

“The roads are getting flooded, there’s no street parties in the summer. There was no Christmas lights, not even a tree.

“It’s very sad that we are not putting enough into it.”

Saverio Mastronardi, owner of Horrocks greengrocer, in East Wittering, said: “We have to just do it ourselves and get on with it.

“We can’t keep waiting for the councils. If not nothing gets done.”

Parish council members also attended the meeting last Wednesday and explained how the residents could go about putting their ideas into action.

Ideas ranged from hosting street parties and fun fairs to improving floral displays and cutting grass verges.

They also discussed the possibility of setting up a community Facebook page and creating a loyalty card to encourage residents to shop local.

The alliance formed a committee of six people, chaired by Tracey Glithero, from the area’s Local Life magazine.

The committee has met again since and decided to first concentrate on improving street scenery and flood prevention measures.

It is already arranging for the villages to enter into the Britain in Bloom competition.

Tracey said: “We have a local Selsey businessman coming over to give a talk to our business owners on how he has managed to engage with the local population of Selsey and too pass on some tips.”

The committee has learned which authorities are responsible for carrying out different roles in the community so it knows whether to speak to the parish, county or district councils about its concerns.

“The parish council are being very helpful – with the two groups now working alongside each other we all feel really positive for the changes ahead,” she said.

Tracey will also place a letter in the March edition of her magazine so residents can fill in their details and sign a petition to encourage the council to improve 
flood prevention measures.

The committee will next meet on February 9 to prepare for the parish council meeting on February 12.

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