Busy 24 hours for Chichester firefighters

CHICHESTER’S firefighters were called to several incidents yesterday (Thursday, December 28).

Below is a selection of some of those incidents:

Shortly before 12.30pm a crew from Chichester was called to a house in Budds Hill, Singleton.

Water from localised flooding was approaching the property.

Firefighters pumped the water and gave advice to the resident before leaving the incident with a plumber.

They were at the scene for an hour and a half.

Shortly after 2pm, firefighters were called to another flooding incident.

A crew from Chichester was called to a house in Stockbridge Road, Chichester, where the basement was flooded with three to four inches of water.

The water was pumped out by firefighters who were at the scene for just over an hour.

Just before 8.10pm, two crews from Chichester were called to Kirkby Close, in Boxgrove.

A small fire had started in the kitchen after a frying pan was left unattended.

The fire was out by the time crews arrived.

Firefighters used ventilation to clear the smoke from the property. They were at the scene for 30 minutes.