‘Busy bees’ build eco-garden in Emsworth

SCHOOLCHILDREN built their very own bee garden to learn about sustainability.

As part of a Southern Electric scheme, St James Primary School in Emsworth started a project which came at an important time – as bees in the area are in decline.

The pupils had the opportunity to build their very own bee garden at the school, specially designed with flowers to attract bees.

Cindy Cummings, community volunteering manager at Southern Electric, said: “Engaging with the pupils of St James Primary School is a great opportunity for us to support our local community while educating the children on issues around sustainability, something that is very important to us as a company.”

Staff from the firm gave a helping hand in the project.

Bruce Waelend, headteacher at the school, said: “It’s great when the children can be involved in something that not only improves their school environment, but also allows them to learn something about nature and engage in something practical.

“The kids have had a great day as well as the teachers; we really appreciate the time offered by the Southern Electric staff.”