Calls for sandbanks warning at West Wittering

West Wittering Beach
West Wittering Beach

FOLLOWING a couple of incidents at West Wittering beach in the last week, there have been calls for more safety measures.

Jack Walker, who helped rescue three drowning men on Sunday (July 21), said he felt there should be more signs for people not from the area explaining how dangerous the current was.

Prior to the rescue, which can be read about here, there was an incident on Saturday (July 20) when two children had to be rescued off a sandbank.

Corinna Edwards-Colledge was with her five-year-old son and 12-year-old stepdaughter when they were also caught out by the incoming tides.

They were rescued after a swimmer came to their aid and a windsurfer towed her and her stepdaughter to safety.

West Wittering has a number of lifeguards, all of whom have been extensively praised for the work they have done in rescuing people from the area.

She has added her voice to those calling for for better warnings about sandbanks.

Following the incident on Sunday, a spokesman for the West Wittering Estate said: “Weather conditions change, and the beach, tides and sand bars are dynamic. It needs to be stressed that, irrespective of ability, swimming from a beach or in a coastal environment is very different to a controlled environment such as a swimming pool.”