Camp America calls for three teenagers

THREE teenagers from Chichester will be jetting off to America this summer after they were selected to work at an American Summer Camp.

Polly Bray, 19, Jasmine Sparrow, 19, and Jack Holder, 18, were selected from thousands of applicants at a recent Camp America recruitment fair in London.

David Knight, Camp America spokesperson, said: “The applicants have a certain skill which they will be teaching at their camps, but the reason they were chosen was really based on their personality and what skill they have. They were very lucky to be chosen.”

Each applicant will be flying to America in June, and will be working at their individual camps for nine weeks.

Polly Bray will be working at Vacamas, New Jersey, as a lifeguard and counsellor, she said: “I was really happy when I found out I had been chosen to work at Vacamas. I chose this camp because it is a camp for disadvantaged children, and working with children is something really rewarding.

Jasmine Sparrow will be working at Camp Laughing Waters, Pennsylvania, as a counsellor, she said: “I am really excited about working at Camp Laughing Waters. I am looking forward to meeting new people and experience the culture and how different things are out there.”

Jack Holder will be working at Camp Henry Horner, Illinois, as a counsellor, he said: “When I was chosen, I was really excited and couldn’t quite believe I had been picked. I read about Camp Henry Horner and it just seemed like a place I would want to go to.”

University of Chichester student, Katie Roscoe, 21, spent her summer last year working at Peconic Dunes Camp, Long Island, New York, as part of the Camp America program.

She said: “Those going can expect some early mornings. When I was working at Peconic Dunes Camp they chucked me in at the deep end, but that is the best way to learn.”

After their work they will each have a month to go travelling.