Cancer survivor on a fundraising mission

Former mayor and cancer survivor  Emma Neno is holding a new fundraiser for support charity Cancerwise.  Photo by Derek Martin SUS-150601-154748001
Former mayor and cancer survivor Emma Neno is holding a new fundraiser for support charity Cancerwise. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-150601-154748001

A MOTHER of two who battled cervical cancer has launched a new fundraising campaign to help a 
‘true lifeline’.

Emma Neno was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011. After receiving ‘life­changing support’ from CancerWise, she got involved to raise 
funds for the charity and became the fundraising manager in October.

Emma experienced firsthand the fantastic support provided by the charity.

“They were a true lifeline to me and my family. I went through a really difficult time after being diagnosed with cancer – it came as a complete shock, especially being 34 years old with 
two young children,” said Emma, a member of Arun District Council.

“CancerWise was just incredible. It was difficult to find somewhere that didn’t have that ‘hospital’ setting.

“When I visited the drop­-in centre at Chichester, it was totally different.

“I felt people understood what I was going through. I was really able to open up and talk about how I was feeling. It was exactly what I needed.”

CancerWise is based in Basin Road, Chichester and provides information and support to anyone who 
has been diagnosed with, 
or is concerned about 
cancer, in West Sussex and East Hampshire.

From emotional support and counselling to complementary therapies alongside medical treatments, it’s aim is to support the person as a whole.

The new campaign, #cancerwiselove2, aims to bring people together in a creative way while raising funds and awareness for the CancerWise support centre.

Businesses as well as organisations, schools, councils and individuals 
can all take part in the campaign and choose a date that suits them.

Event ideas range from hosting dressing-up days, baking, running events and more daring ways to raise money with #cancerwiselove2wax. The main focus is to get creative and enjoy raising money for a worthwhile cause.

“The campaign is going really well and is exceeding my expectations, with new pledges to join in coming all the time from across the whole of the CancerWise catchment,” said Emma.

“A #cancerwiselove2bake event at a local hair salon raised £175 and a local estate agent took part in the Chichester 10k #cancerwiselove2run on Sunday, February 8, raising a total of £265.”

One of the more daring events across the county sees men taking part in #cancerwiselove2wax.

“Men bravely waxing their chests and legs has to be the most daring and creative event so far, however, I’m sure it could get a lot more creative – now that is a challenge for the community,” said Emma.

This month has also seen CancerWise receive a boost from West Sussex councillors.

They came together in a #cancerwiselove2dressinred day and held a raffle during a break in the full council meeting at Chichester College on Friday, February 13.

Council members and officers raised a total of £451 including donations.

“The charity was first brought to my attention by our fellow councillor, Graham Tyler, as it had been of great support to his daughter, Emma, when she was fighting the disease,” said Amanda Jupp, council chairman.

“Over the past three years, she has raised over £20,000 for the charity.

“I’m pleased that we were able to do our bit to support this worthwhile cause.”

For more information on CancerWise visit or call 01243 778516. To donate, visit