Car parking charges could be on the rise in Emsworth

PARKING charges are set to go up and Sunday charges could be introduced in Emsworth to rake in an extra £180,000 for Havant council.

Councillors are discussing proposals to up parking fees at 14 of the borough’s car parks. The extra income will help balance the books at the authority, which has decided not to increase council tax for the fourth year running.

Proposals for Sunday and bank holiday charges – which would be a fee of £1 for any length of stay – are being considered as a trial.

Parking charges in South Street, would go up by 20p for one hour, rather than the 10p in other areas.

Brendan Gibb-Gray, from Emsworth Business Association, said: “I know why they have done it, but I don’t think they have taken into account the impact on shops and businesses properly.

“It will deter people who are going to buy a loaf of bread and a few rashers of bacon.

“There’s absolutely no proven need for wardens enforcing the regulations on a Sunday.

“It’s just a revenue-raising exercise.”

No final decision has been made.

The yearly return of the increases would be £180,000, but this would be reduced to around £150,000 for the 2012/2013 financial year if the new charges were introduced in June.

Charges are proposed to go from 70p to 80p for one hour, £1.50 to £1.60 for two hours, and £2.20 to £3 for up to four hours at Palmers Road.

The South Street car park would be increased from 70p to 90p for one hour and £1.50 to £1.80 for up to two hours, and a new £3 rate for up to four hours.