Car parking confusion over new machines

Cattle Market car park.   Photo by Louise Adams
Cattle Market car park. Photo by Louise Adams

MOTORISTS have been faced with confusion after a parking machine switch-over by Chichester District Council.

One confused resident found she could not use her pre-paid smart card at the Northgate car park as the council had switched the machines over to one which only takes cash and debit cards.

In response, a council spokeswoman said: “Due to the size of the pay and display machines the options are either to have cash and Chichester Parking Card (smart card) payment machines or cash and chip and pin ones.

“We provide both types in our car parks.

“However, we recognise that knowing which machine does what is not that clear and so we’ll be installing cones on top of the machines so customers can easily find the one they need.

“We will soon be introducing a new ‘pay-on-foot’ payment system at our Avenue De Chartres car park to improve the customer experience.

“These machines include all forms of payment in one device. If successful, this system could be rolled out to our other car parks, including Northgate.

“Electricity has now been installed at Eastgate Square car park and the machines are ready to be connected to the supply and programmed with tariff information.

“We are waiting on a final date for this to be done, but we hope it will be very soon.”