Care through the night saves rescued badger cub

This tiny badger cub has been rescued after getting lost in Steyning.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 5:44 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:27 am
Monty the badger cub is just a few weeks old. Picture: Claire Bond, Photography by Bond

Cold and weary, it would almost certainly not have survived without help.

Staff at Coastway Vets in Shoreham named the baby Monty and said it was just a few weeks old when it was found last week.

Kim Moore, from the High Street clinic, said: “He was found by a resident in the area and was handed in to us. He’d clearly wandered out of the sett, could not find his way back and then collapsed.

Senior nurse Gayle Foggon, from Coastway Vets in Shoreham, with Monty. Picture: Claire Bond, Photography by Bond

“He was so cold and unresponsive when we got him that we didn’t think he’d survive the night, so Gayle Foggon, one of our senior nurses, took him home and cared for him throughout the night.

“Thankfully, it worked and he was more stable the next day. He was collected by Wadars Animal Rescue in Worthing and the aim is that once old enough, he’ll be released back into the wild.

“We named him Monty. He was so lovely that the staff are all missing him.”

Tracy Cadman, operations manager at Wadars, said the cub was very sweet.

She added: “We took him to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital at the weekend, as they have the equipment needed to look after him properly.

“As I understand it, he was found in Steyning by a Shoreham resident who didn’t want to leave him to die.

“Being quite rural around that area, there are likely to be a fair number of badgers but sadly we don’t know exactly where the sett is so returning him to the same place might be tricky.

“As soon as he is ready for release, Wadars will go back and pick him up and then take him to a suitable release site.”