Cash for quarantine

An animal centre near Chichester is embarking on a £175,000 fundraising mission to build a new quarantined centre.

The Mount Noddy Animal Centre in Eartham is in desperate need of an isolation unit where dogs and cats with diseases can be kept to stop the spread of infections.

The centre in Blackmill Lane is licence by the RSPCA, but receives no funding for its work, and so will be setting up a programme of fundraising events over the coming year.

The chairman of the centre, Keith O’Dell said it relied heavily on public support to reach its £250,000 annual running costs, and will need to call on public generosity again with the new appeal.

He said there was a common misconception that the centre received funding from the RSPCA, which was not the case.

“We have been closed before because people have brought in dogs who have a deadly disease, it was two or three years ago we had to shut down over Christmas,” he said.

“It was a very contagious disease and a few of our dogs had to be put down.

“If we know the history of the dog of where it’s come from it’s fine, but if we have no history it will go into isolation for seven to ten days just to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.”

The same will apply for cats which the centre also looks after. In the new isolation unit there will be room for three cats, and three dogs, as well as a shower room, and kitchen facilities for staff.

He said the isolation unit could also help out with future running costs of the centre as the isolation spaces could be hired out by local vets.

Fundraising ideas already on the cards include a buy-a-brick scheme which could potentially raise thousands, and the funds from the annual dog show on April 22 will this year go towards the isolation unit.

Anyone with fundrasiing ideas should get in touch with Mr O’Dell’s wife, Nicky, by calling 01243 790140.

For more information about the centre visit, or call 01243 773359.