Celebration as Witterings Library turns 40

Former and present staff and volunteers celebrate 40 years of Witterings Library
Former and present staff and volunteers celebrate 40 years of Witterings Library
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STAFF from the past and present celebrated 40 years of Witterings Library on Friday, inviting volunteers and customers for coffee and cake.

Residents went along to the party on Friday, November 29, to reminisce with staff, and a board of photos and memories of the library over the last 40 years was on display.

East Wittering resident Laurie Crisp spoke of his experience using the library over the years.

“One of the things I like about it is the staff are so friendly,” he said.

Mr Crisp uses the library regularly to research historical projects.

“When I wanted to do some research on Thomas Huxley, quite an important scientist, I went into the library but they didn’t have a copy of a book written on him some years ago.”

But he said the staff looked tirelessly to see if they could get a copy of the book and they were successful.

“It had come all the way from Lincoln,” he said. “It’s fantastic service.”

The library in Oakfield Avenue, East Wittering, was recently refurbished, and had self-service machines installed, but still retains a front counter.

Area librarian Karen Wallace said: “I think that it has been the centre of this community for the entire time it has been open.

“It is still really busy, people love it and the changes that have been made recently have been received very well.

“Everyone is delighted it is still open.”

These thoughts were echoed by library manager Gareth Edmunds, who said: “I am pleased it is still going.

“It is a successful library and I really like it now it has been refurbished.”

County councillor for The Witterings Pieter Montyn turned up at the event to support the service, and said: “It is great to see what an important part the library plays in people’s lives locally, and will continue to play.”