Change in hours of Chichester pub impacts another business

THE early closure of a Chichester pub has had a knock-on effect to another business just a few doors down.

Staff at The Vestry on Southgate have seen a noticeable increase in customers as Slug and Lettuce drinkers are asked to drink-up early.

Hours were reduced to 8pm over the last two weekends, with a new midnight closure on Fridays and Saturdays, and will operate for the last time this weekend.

This comes after Slug and Lettuce management reached a mutual agreement with Sussex Police to close early due to serious concerns over levels of crime and disorder associated with the premises.

“When I first heard about the closure my first reaction was worry, I was worried with having different cliental as the Slug and Lettuce is more modern and has a completely different range of cliental.

“But it has been a good positive result and we have not had any trouble,” said Rob Hoad, Vestry bar manager.

The influx of customers have been well received and Slug and Lettuce regulars are integrating well and are enjoying drinking later at a different venue.

“It’s definitely increased our turnover. We still have a duty of care with the customers, however we have seen a positive increase in turnover for a Saturday night”, Mr Hoad added.

Vestry staff have made slight changes in response to the increase in customers.

“We’ve had to tighten everything up and be more vigilant with how customers are acting, with who we are serving and we have seen an increase in larger groups of younger males when normally it’s a mixture of groups.

“It’s not negative in any way, staff at Slug and Lettuce have done a really good job. We welcome them and hope they may even return to us when the hours are back to normal,” Mr Hoad added.

Sussex Police said it is too early to say if the early closure has impacted the city as a whole.