Charterhouse at Chichester: Lunchtime Concert: Tuesday 11th October 2011 at 1.10pm

When that highly effective, and individually skilful, group of musicians from Charterhouse were present in Chichester for this Lunchtime Concert, at the Cathedral, such an elegant Interior was, as usual, packed solid with a highly enthusiastic audience.

As Ralph Vaughan Williams had chosen to live at Leith Hill, in Surrey – not far from Charterhouse – this distinguished Public School had honoured his nearby charisma with a Music Centre, which had been named after him – in which this School’s musicians constantly rehearse and perform.

However, there was no Vaughan Williams music in their programme. Having started off with the very lively Brass Polka, by London-based Austrian composer, Joseph Horowitz – for two trumpets, trombone and tuba – they then moved on to one of Schubert’s more appropriate works, his Menuett & Finale for Wind Sextet, which was passionately performed by pairs of oboes, clarinets and bassoons.

All six enthusiastic members of this group then moved on to rather more vigorous and familiar works for saxophones, starting off with Scott Joplin’s Peacherine Rag, after which they effectively concluded their performance with their version of the traditionally Irish Londonderry Air.

Bearing in mind that the soaring Cathedral atmosphere had, inevitably, been dominating this Lunchtime Concert, a larger – 16-strong – chamber orchestra then brought this intriguing occasion to an incredibly prominent conclusion, having decided to enthusiastically perform all three enthralling movements of the highly melodic Symphony No. 4, by the 18th Century, London-based composer, William Boyce, who had created eight other similar works.

This performance certainly encouraged all those present to respond enthusiastically, before they headed away from this wonderful building – which had been honoured by such a suitable recital.

John Wheatley.