Chichester activity camp planning appeal launched

AN APPEAL has been launched after the council refused permission for an activity camp, but said since the refusal the change of use went ahead without permission.

Catherine Scholes has launched an appeal against the enforcement notice issued by the council, stating there had been a breach in planning rules on the site north east of Chichester Marina, which is part of Manor Farm, Apuldram.

Chichester District Council issued the notice, and said Miss Scholes had changed the use of the land without permission, for mixed use and activity camping.

In July 2009, the council granted Miss Scholes permission to temporarily use the agricultural field as a children’s activity camp with tents.

But the change of use was strictly for 16 nights in July 2009, and throughout July and August in 2010.

In December 2010, an application was launched for permission to use the land as an activity camp in July and August on a temporary basis for five years.

This was refused by the council.

Now the council has issued an enforcement notice, stating there was a change of use of the land without planning permission.

Miss Scholes lodged an appeal on January 30.