Chichester amputee told to paint his ceilings

Gary Brammall at home. Picture by Kate Shemilt C131367-4
Gary Brammall at home. Picture by Kate Shemilt C131367-4

AN AMPUTEE said he was astonished to be told he must paint his own ceilings when he moved home.

Gary Brammall, the former organiser of Chichester’s Poppy Appeal, moved into his new city two-bedroom flat, owned by Hyde Martlet, on Monday.

However, he said it was unfair on himself and others in similar positions to be expected to have to decorate.

“It’s not only me but all disabled and paraplegics throughout the whole of the country,” he said.

“Hyde Martlet are saying that we’re able to paint ceilings and walls and so forth.”

Mr Brammall lost his leg in July last year, after contracting deep vein thrombosis.

He said he had five strokes last year and painting his flat would not be possible.

“They’ve given me £140 worth of vouchers to spend at Homebase on materials,” he said.

“They said to get family to do it. My family are up in Liverpool.”

A spokeswoman from Hyde Martlet said: “Mr Brammell first viewed the new property last Monday, September 23, and in response to his appeals we allowed him early, rent free, access to the home before the official start of his tenancy. This means that it was not possible for all adaptations and decoration of the property to be concluded before Mr Brammell moved and he has been made aware of this; we’re doing everything we can to address this.”