Chichester and Selsey schools’ joint vision

A lesson at The Academy. Picture by Kate Shemilt.
A lesson at The Academy. Picture by Kate Shemilt.

IN September, Chichester High School for Boys and Chichester High School for Girls joined The Academy in Selsey under the banner of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT).

There were plans to link-up the three schools, sharing ideas, the joint sixth form at the Chichester schools, and working together ‘for the common good’.

Now The Academy Selsey had a new headteacher, The Observer asked the three teachers what their visions were for the schools in their joint venture.

New headteacher at the The Academy Ann Marie Latham said: “I think it is really exciting when you collaborate with people and you have real partnership.

“We have regular meetings. It’s an opportunity to work together to share ideas, supporting eachother and driving the quality across the board.

“I am a great believer of making partnerships.”

Gavin Salvesen-Sawh, headteacher of Chichester High School for Boys, said, “Congratulations to Ann Marie Latham on her appointment as headteacher of the Academy, Selsey. We are looking forward to working closely with Miss Latham, especially with teaching and learning and the development of the sixth form.

“Having worked at Manhood Community College in the past as head of English, I have an affiliation and affection for what is now The Academy, Selsey and I am looking forward to making a return visit soon to see the work of the school, following their encouraging Ofsted inspection and to explore ways where all local TKAT schools can benefit.

“The three schools, CHSB, CHSG and TAS are already working together on the collective marketing of our schools in the local area.

Each school has significantly increased their results this year, so this bodes well for the future of all three schools in the Selsey/Chichester area.”

Yasmin Maskatiya, headteacher of Chichester High School for Girls, said: “We have got not just the three schools, we have also got Portfield, The Seal and Tangmere, which are our primaries and part of the vision that we as academies in the area will be able to work together more and more collectively to bring about school improvement in all our schools.

“We will share our expertise so that each school benefits from that.

“I am very pleased to see Miss Latham joining the school, she has done a very, very good job at the start of the term.

“The school is set to make big improvements this year.”.

Miss Latham is also keen to keep links strong with the primary schools – especially in Selsey.

“I also think that the primary schools are open to working in partnership,” said Miss Latham.

“Seal primary is a TKAT school, we have a great relationship with them, we also have a great relationship with Medmerry.”

She said having a link with primary schools is important so the children ‘feel comfortable’,

“We need to create opportunities for them to come here so there is no surprises,” said Miss Latham.