Chichester, Bognor Regis and Midhurst planning applications, March 28 - April 6

Here is a round-up of the current planning applications submitted in your area as provided by Chichester District Council.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 10:06 am
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 11:06 am
Planning applications
Planning applications


AB/27/19/A | Mr N Shopland | 61 High Street, Arundel | 1 No. set of halo illuminated built up letters on front elevation.


AW/61/19/HH | Mr & Mrs Pipkin | 7 Hechle Wood, Aldwick | Single storey rear extension

AW/70/19/T | Mr Robert Ketley | Holly Lodge, 3 Barrack Lane, Aldwick | Crown lift by 1m, Crown reduction by 3m & Crown thin 30% to 2No. Holm Oak trees. Crown reduction by 3m & Crown thin 30% to 1No. Sycamore tree. Reduce split bough by 2.25m to 1No. Holm Oak tree.

AW/75/19/HH | Mrs Katrine Morgan | 13 Gossamer Lane, Aldwick | Rear single storey extension

AW/79/19/HH | Mr & Mrs R Penny | 24 A’Becket’s Avenue, Aldwick | Replacement first floor accommodation incorporating new roof structure and dormers with a ground floor garage extension and conversion of the existing garage.

AW/81/19/T | Dr Campbell | 37 Kingsway, Aldwick | Crown reduction of 5m to 1 No. Horse Chesnut tree and Crown reduction of 4.5m to 1 No. Horse Chesnut tree.


BN/11/19/HH | Mr Peter Butler | The Lilies, Yapton Road, Barnham | Proposed single garage


BI/18/02785/DOM | Ayton | 14 Longmeadow Gardens, Birdham | Single storey rear extension.

Bognor Regis

BR/46/19/PL | Domusea Ltd | Chandos, Elm Grove, Bognor Regis | Demolition of outbuildings & extension & construction of 1 No. 2-bed dwelling & associated works.

BR/70/19/PL | FirstPort Retirement Property | The Maples, 45 Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis | Replacement of timber fascia’s & soffits in PVCu, & replacement of rainwater goods in new PVCu.


BO/19/00741/TCA | Mr Powley | Church Farm House, Bosham Lane, Bosham | Notification of intention to remove 1 no. north-east limb (back to main stem) on 1 no. Cypress tree. Reduce north-east sides/sectors by 2m on 12 no. Leyland Cypress trees/hedgerow.


SDNP/19/00942/FUL | Mr Andrew Owens | Champions House, Church Lane, Bury | Proposed single storey infill extension to courtyard, external alterations including redesigned external staircase & revisions to staff car parking

SDNP/19/01167/TCA | Mr & Mrs Masters | Old Coombe Farm House, Houghton Lane, Bury | Notification on intention to fell 1no. Cherry tree.


CC/18/03408/FUL | Mr I Brown | The Vestry, 21 - 23 Southgate, Chichester | Erection of 4 no. cooling units on rear wall of premises.

CC/19/00497/TCA | Ms Nikki Roberts | Westgate House, 52 Westgate, Chichester | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Leyland Cypress hedgerow (G247), crown raise by up to 3m over footpath (above ground level) on 1 no. Holm Oak (240) and group of Leyland Cypress hedgerow (G239), crown reduce by 1-2 m on 1 no. Monterey Cypress tree (237), reduce height by 4m and reduce lateral growth by up to 3m on 1 no. Monterey Cypress tree (236), reduce height by up to 2 m, reduce lateral growth by up to 2 m and thin by 15% on 1 no. Beech tree (235) and reduce height by 3m and reduce lateral growth by 1-2 m on 1 no. Holly tree (231).

CC/19/00591/FUL | Mrs L Grisbrook | 14 Cawley End, Angelo House, Cawley Road, Chichester | Change of use from B1 offices to D1 clinic.

CC/19/00616/DOM | Mr & Mrs Sullivan | Chase Cottage, 5 Tower Street, Chichester | Single storey rear extension, refurbishment and extension of cellars, replacement of metal framed windows for painted timber, internal alterations including replacement staircase and platform lift and conservation repairs. Replacement of carport with garage.

CC/19/00667/DOM | Mr A Turner | 25 Albert Road, Chichester | Erection of single storey rear extension with alteration and additions to fenestration.

CC/19/00685/FUL | Mr & Mrs D. S. B. Pullan | 26 Caledonian Road, Chichester | Demolition of an existing dwelling, shed and partial garden wall and adjoining shop (A1). Proposed replacement dwelling, artist’s studio/cycle store, garden wall, gate and associated landscaping.

CC/19/00709/DOM | Mr & Mrs Lyons | Heronwood, Pine Grove, Chichester | Demolition of rear single storey utility / WC / garden store. Construction of rear single storey swimming pool extension.

CC/19/00721/ADV | Mr James Baird-Parker | Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane, Chichester | Erection of 2no. signs along College Lane to advertise the University.

CC/19/00732/TPA | Mr D Wilkinson | Street Record, The Drive, Chichester | Re-pollard down to approx. 8m (tall/in height) on 1 no. Sycamore tree (T2), pollard down to 5m on 1 no. Sycamore tree (T3) and fell 1 no. Sycamore tree (T4). All 3 no. trees within Woodland, W1 subject to CC/68/00163/TPO.

CC/19/00761/TPA | Mr D Wilkinson | Street Record, Chestnut Avenue, Chichester | Fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T1) and 2 no. Sycamore trees (T2) within Woodland, W1 subject to CC/68/00163/TPO.

CC/19/00736/ADV | Mr Ian Sellar | Land West Of Frederick Road, Chichester | 4no. sales stacks and 6no. flag poles.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/19/00527/DOM | Mr Anthony Mcphilemy | Laureldene, Broad Road, Hambrook, Chidham | Proposed ground, first and second floor rear extensions, new dormer windows with internal alterations to the main dwelling and conversion of garage to home office. Variation of condition 2 from planning permission 18/00880/DOM.

CH/19/00661/FUL | Miss Lauren Wiltshire | Flat Farm, Broad Road, Hambrook, Chidham | Demolition of existing dwelling and associated outbuildings and construction of 11 no. dwellings (variation of condition 12 of permission CH/16/04148/FUL - amendments to street lighting).


CM/10/19/HH | Mrs A Jacob | The Well House, Climping Street, Climping | Alterations to existing annexe.


E/19/00734/PA3Q | Mr T Collins | The Cuckoo’s Nest Nursery, 125 Third Avenue, Batchmere | Change of use of existing agricultural building to 1 no. larger dwelling (C3 Use Class).


SDNP/19/01066/HOUS | Mr A Hills | Henley Hill House, Henley Old Road, Henley, Easebourne | Change of use of garage to habitable accommodation. A self contained annexe for tourism accommodation let with the installation of 2 no. dormers.

SDNP/19/01091/HOUS | Mr and Mrs M. Kelly | Beech Cottage, Dodsley Grove, Easebourne | Single storey extension to South elevation with 3no. skylights. Construction of 2no. parking spaces in front garden.

East Preston

EP/25/19/HH | Mr A Walker | 12 Westfield Avenue, East Preston | Construction of single storey rear extension; extension of first floor roof space; internal re-ordering; replacement of garage roof; replacement of pitched roof covering; new porch and side canopy; elevational alterations and associated works

EP/30/19/HH | Mr & Mrs Howells | Old Sussex, Seafield Road, East Preston | Two storey side extension to existing detached house. Conversion of integral garage.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/19/00702/FUL | Mr & Mrs Ayres | Longacre, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham | Provision of day room for the rear two plots.

EWB/19/00731/DOM | Mr & Mrs Cheshire | 5 Charlmead, East Wittering | Creation of habitable space at first floor level.


SDNP/19/01092/FUL | Mr & Mrs Black | Marley Side, Marley Heights, Fernhurst | Change use of scrub land/incorporate into existing domestic curtilage, relocation of existing driveway. Construction of new double carport building together with associated landscaping of the site.


FG/28/19/HH | Mrs A Pearson | 33 Downview Avenue, Ferring | Conversion of attached garage to habitable space, single storey rear extension, new french doors to rear elevation & replacement of existing flat roof with new pitched roof at rear.


FP/28/19/HH | Mr P Woodruff | 12 Thirlmere Way, Felpham | Proposed side extension

FP/55/19/HH | Mr Adam Ferrier | 5 Normans Drive, Felpham | Proposed ground and first floor extensions and alterations (Resubmission)


SDNP/19/01109/LDE | The Barlavington Estate | North Barn, Tripp Hill Farm Buildings, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth | Existing Lawful Development - use of building as storage or distribution (B8).

SDNP/19/01173/TCA | Mr Charles Clark | St Marys Church, Church Lane, Fittleworth | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Beech tree.


F/8/19/CLE | Jablite Limited | Unit A, Rudford Industrial Estate, Ford Road, Ford | Lawful development certificate for the existing use as B2 (General industy) and/or B8 (Storage or distribution).


SDNP/18/06390/FUL | Mr J Kirke | Empire Hall, The Street, Graffham | Removal of 2 no. existing storage sheds and replace with 1 no. new single storey storage building to the north-east corner of the site. Amendment to existing side access track with ‘grasscrete’ system along the southern boundary leading to new storage building for loading purposes.


SDNP/19/01089/TCA | Mr. John Entress | Thatched Cottage, East Harting Street, East Harting, Petersfield | Notification of intention to fell 2no. Copper Beech trees.


SDNP/19/00861/TCA | Mr & Mrs Paterson | Poats Cottage, Leggs Lane, Heyshott | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Oak tree and 4 no. Hornbeam trees.


KD/19/00704/PLD | Binder | Staples Hill Cottage, Staples Hill, Kirdford | Erection of single storey outbuilding.

SDNP/19/01131/LIS | Mr H Hourihan | Stroods, A272 Croucham Lane to Linfold Road, Strood Green, Kirdford | Revision to north elevation of replacement garden room approved under reference SDNP/18/00367/LIS


LU/77/19/T | Mr Martin Youldon | 22 Camelia Close, Littlehampton | Crown thin by 50% 1No. Willow tree and 1 No. Eucalyptus tree.

LU/78/19/PL | Mr M Roberts | 32 Griffin Crescent, Littlehampton | Division of single dwelling into 2 No. dwellings & alterations to roof to form new rooms.

LU/82/19/HH | Mr John Strickland | 38 St Winefrides Road, Littlehampton | Proposed single storey front extension with roof terrace.

LU/81/19/A | Lovelong House | Lovelong House, 18-22 East Street, Littlehampton | 1 No. illuminated logo sign with halo lit lettering fixed to wall on front elevation.


LX/19/00239/FUL | Mr Richard Pell-Ilderton | Crabfields Farm, Drungewick Lane, Loxwood | Proposed 1 no. detached residential self-contained dwelling.

LX/19/00684/FUL | Mr R Merridew | Sports Pavilion, Plaistow Road, Loxwood | New toilet facilities for sports facility.

LX/19/00711/DOM | Mrs S Barnett | 5 Nicholsfield, Loxwood | Erection of two storey and single storey rear extension and erection of porch.


SDNP/19/01154/TCA | Dr Philippa Greenwood | Greengate Farm House, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Leyland Cypress tree (T4), 1 no. Hawthorn tree and 1 no. Cornus sp (T5), 1 no. Plum tree (T8), 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (T10), 1 no Horse Chestnut tree (T13), 1 no Norway Spruce (T14) and 2 no. Leyland Cypress hedges (T9(6 metre section) and T12). Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) and deadwood on 1 no. Ash tree (T1), 2 no. Willow trees (T2 and T3) and 1 no. Walnut tree (T7), prune around telephone cables on 1 no. Willow tree (T3) and crown lift by up to 3m (above ground level) on 5 no. Birch trees (T15) by 3m and reduce height down to 4m and spread to 6m on 1 no. Portuguese Laurel tree (T6).


SDNP/19/01120/HOUS | Mr and Mrs Kirkwood | Hillside, A283 Valentines Lea To Valentines Hill, Valentines Hill, Northchapel | Retention of works for installation of replacement windows (like for like).

SDNP/19/01121/LIS | Mr and Mrs Kirkwood | Hillside, A283 Valentines Lea To Valentines Hill, Valentines Hill, Northchapel | Retention of works for installation of replacement windows (like for like).

North Mundham

NM/19/00624/LBC | Mr & Mrs Brown | Manor Cottage, Saltham Lane, Runcton | Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of conservatory. Removal of chimney flue. Variation of Condition 2 of planning consent NM/18/03081/LBC - To change the drawings from 18013-DPA-02,04 and 06 to 18013-DPA-02A, 04A and 06A.


O/19/00640/FUL | Mr Richard Brooks | Littlemead Business Centre, Tangmere Road, Tangmere | Change of use from the existing secure vehicle storage (Garages) to Class B1 and B8 for 62m2 (Office and Storage) and Class D2 for 125m2 (Indoor Sports). External area in front to be open parking bays for 12 no. vehicles.


SDNP/19/00470/FUL | Mr Terence Mitman-Kearey | The Studio Annexe, The Mews, High Street, Petworth | Change of use of office/studio annex (class B1a) to 1 no. new dwelling (class 3a) with alterations.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/19/00649/PNO | Mr Cornelis Lamprecht | Rumbold Wood, Beneath The Oaks, The Street, Plaistow | 1 no. moveable fire pit constructed of concrete blocks to be used in the management of 12 acre woodland.

PS/19/00716/DOM | Mr A Norman | Sunnydene, The Drive, Ifold, Loxwood | Retrospective replacement hedge, fencing and gates.


R/52/19/HH | Mrs Karen Allan | | 22 Cudlow Avenue, Rustington | Infill extensions to front elevation

R/50/19/HH | Mr Tony Morris | Manitou, 23 Pigeonhouse Lane, Rustington | Proposed single storey extension

R/60/19/T | Miss R A Mills | Old Orchard House, 47 The Street, Rustington | Crown reduction 3m and Crown lift approx 1.5m to 1 No. Holly tree and 1 No. Bay tree.


SY/19/00280/LBC | Mr & Mrs Black | Norton Priory, The Coach House, Rectory Lane, Selsey | Variation of condition 2 from planning permission SY/17/01406/LBC - Minor alterations to the consented scheme to enhance the design of the proposed works to the existing building.

SY/19/00355/FUL | Mr Jeff Alan | Penny Lane, 118 High Street, Selsey | Change colour of shopfront.

SY/19/00710/DOM | Mr. S. Wright | Sandpipers Cottage, 17 High Street, Selsey | Single storey extension to East elevation.

SY/19/00726/DOM | Mr & Mrs Anderson | 1 The Wadeway, Selsey | Single storey extension to West elevation.


SI/19/00706/PLD | Mr & Mrs Underhill | Mill House, 8 Mill Lane, Sidlesham | Single storey rear extension under permitted development.

SI/19/00757/PA3P | Mrs P Smith | The Fairways, Brimfast Lane, Sidlesham Common, Chichester | Notification for Prior Approval for a Change Of Use from Storage or Distribution Buildings (Class B8) and any land within its curtilage to dwellinghouses (Class C3).


WA/18/19/PL | Mr & Mrs McMonagle | Land adjacent 1 Orchard Way, Fontwell | Erection of 2 No. detached dwellings, adaptation to existing crossover & new driveway (resubmission following WA/58/18/PL).


WE/19/00606/FUL | Mrs Hatton | Land North Of The Grange, Woodmancote Lane, Woodmancote, Emsworth | Temporary sitting of 2 x mobile units as Agricultural workers dwellings on an agricultural smallholding

West Wittering

WW/19/00618/FUL | Mr And Mrs Boughton | Meadow Farm, Piggery Hall Lane, West Wittering | Erection of 1 no. open fronted farm building.

WW/19/00739/DOM | Mr M Caddy | Little Mead, Wellsfield, West Wittering | Erection of single storey rear extension, change of use of garage to habitable accommodation, alterations and additions to fenestration and infilling of existing carport to form garage.

Wisborough Green

WR/19/00582/TPA | Mr. John Firth | Brookhurst, Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green | Crown reduce by 30% (overall) and remove 1 no. eastern branch (parallel with Newpound Lane) on 1 no. Oak tree (T2) subject to WR/97/01121/TPO.

SDNP/19/00425/HOUS | Mr R Haythornthwaite | North Springs, Horsebridge Hill, Wisborough Green | Construction of 1 no. tree house.