Chichester charity’s campaign to ditch bad habits

A CHARITY has encouraged people to make a positive change and at the same time raise money for the homeless.

Stonepillow has launched its Happy Habit Challenge, which will last from Sunday until January 26.

Emily Skiggs, a community fundraiser at the charity, said: “Here at Stonepillow we are very proud of our clients who are achieving their own significant milestones, even in the smallest of lifestyle changes.

“With our support, others are learning to manage and save money and see it grow for the first time in their life, with each pound representing a step closer to affording to move into their own space.

“We hope you can be inspired to turn some of your bad habits into happy ones, taking your own steps towards positive lifestyle choices which, as we all know, is very easy to keep putting off.”

The campaign hopes to raise £1,000, with people choosing a bad habit and swapping it for a good one.

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For more information call 01243 537934 or email