Chichester council leader given pin-up title

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LEADER of Chichester District Council Heather Caird has been given the title of Pin-Up of the Month – by the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

She was awarded the title for ‘fully funding pension liabilities, unlike any other local authority in Britain’.

The title is awarded monthly by the Alliance to celebrate those in power who have sought to do the right – and wrong – thing by the taxpayer.

The man, woman or organisation to be congratulated for saving public money or acting in the interests of the hard-pressed taxpayer is honoured as the TPA’s Pin-Up of the Month while whoever is found to have shown the greatest disregard for taxpayers’ cash or their interests is shamed as the TPA’s Pinhead of the Month.

Earlier this month the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed a combined pension deficit of £54 billion for local councils across the UK with the average assets to liabilities ratio equalling only 70 per cent.

There was in fact just one local authority whose assets represented 100 per cent of its liabilities – and that was Chichester District Council.

Council leader Heather Caird was bestowed with the Pin-Up title as a tribute to ‘the sound financial stewardship of Cllr Caird and her colleagues’.

Meanwhile the TPA’s Pinhead of the Month is Cllr Peter Martin the leader of Essex County Council who has in the last week attacked the use of Freedom of Information requests by one of his local newspapers.