Chichester couple left without holiday after hotel overbooks rooms

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A COUPLE have spoken of their dismay and disappointment at having their holiday cancelled one week before they were due to depart.

Colin and Brenda Clarke, of Royal Close, Chichester, were supposed to be in Spain with two friends last Tuesday. One week before they were due to depart for their holiday in Calella, however, Mr and Mrs Clarke were contacted by easyJet Holidays and told their hotel had been overbooked by lowcostbeds.

They were offered an ‘upgrade’ in the ‘same resort’. When the couple researched their new hotel, however, they found it was the same star rating as their existing booking and in a different resort, Lloret, more than 13 miles away.

“I went to Lloret 40 years ago,” said 71-year-old Mr Clarke. “It is a young persons’ resort.”

Mr and Mrs Clarke were then offered a second unsuitable hotel before easyJet agreed to refund their money.

Having booked in July and paid the deposit in August, the couple were shocked at the late notice of their cancellation.

Mr Clarke was also angry at having to wait for a refund.

Having already repaid his friends, it left him out of pocket and meant the couple were unable to book a replacement holiday.

“I just think people should know about the sort of treatment we are getting,” said Mr Clarke.

Mr Clarke was offered £90 compensation, to be shared amongst the four holiday-goers, but this was retracted when the group chose not to take up alternative accommodation.

The couple and their friends were unable to find a replacement holiday. “We are in our 70s, we don’t know how many holidays we have got left,” said Mr Clarke.

“We have one holiday a year and this was it.”

A spokeswoman for easyJet Holidays said they and the Low Cost Travel Group would like to apologise to Mr Clarke. She said easyJet had told the couple about the overbooking as soon as they knew.

“Hotel overbookings are a very rare occurrence but we appreciate the inconvenience and upset they cause to customers when they do happen,” she said. “Our priority is to work with our partners overseas to try and get the booking re-instated or to find a suitable alternative.”