Chichester District Council’s housing strategy recommended

THE BID to improve housing in the Chichester district continues.

The housing strategy up to 2018 was recommended to council on Tuesday (September 3) at Chichester District Council cabinet.

The strategy sees a £1.09m investment in discretionary private sector renewal grants and loans to maintain the standard of private-rented accommodation within the district.

This follows the 2011 census, where the number of private-rented properties in the district overtook the number of social-rented properties, with an increase from 5,104 to 7,423 since the 2001 census, compared to an increase of 6,735 to 7,407 for social-rented properties.

Cllr Myles Cullen described the figures as a ‘reality check for people to realise what’s going on with housing at the moment’.

£1.5m was also taken out of the rural housing fund to fund the £3m housing partnership.

“While we’re taking money out of this pot that doesn’t mean in any way we’re changing our drive to improve people’s housing,” said council leader Heather Caird.