Chichester District Council set to freeze council tax


Chichester District Council (CDC) looks set to freeze its share of council tax for 2015-16.

CDC’s cabinet recommended a council tax freeze in return for a government grant of nearly £78,000, during its meeting this morning (Tuesday, January 3),

The cabinet’s budget documents said CDC could gain more than £600,000 over the next five years if it increased council tax by two per cent.

However the documents added that the council has ‘healthy levels of reserves’ and is in a ‘surplus’ position of more than £800,000.

Tony Dignum, cabinet member for finance and governance, said cabinet was able to recommend a freeze ‘despite receiving ever smaller amounts of revenue support grant’ from the government which will be 30 per cent less next year.

He told cabinet the council has uncommitted reserves of £6.3m to meet any emergency and a further £7.4m of reserves for commitment to capital spending or other purposes.

Carol Purnell, cabinet member for housing and planning, said: “I think our communities should be really pleased that we’ve got an exceptional team keeping us in line.”