Chichester district council to face electoral review


A QUARTER of district councillors are set to be axed if an electoral review takes place.

Members recommended reviewing the number of councillors elected in the 2019 district election at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The change would see the number of councillors drop from 51 to 38 – a 25 per cent decrease.

“I think we are in favour of a smaller number of councillors,” said Cllr Tony Dignum.

“We are aware of the difficulty of getting contenders and I personally would like to see more competition.”

He said it had got to the point where people were being ‘urged’ to stand.

Cllr Carol Purnell said she thought the idea was ‘sensible’.

“Five members for two wards in Selsey is just over the top. We need to look at it as a whole not two wards.”

The review – which is set to start in 2015 – will be carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Heather Caird, leader of the council, said: “It would be very good to get a better representation on the council. Some of our members look after five or six parishes which makes it more efficient. But we need the appropriate number of councillors to represent the community.”

Cllr Josef Ransley said it was still ‘essential’ for councillors to ‘engage with parishes’, especially considering their role in neighbourhood plans.