Chichester district planning criticised

Plans to build more houses in Tangmere have been slammed by a local resident.

In a letter to the Observer, Beverley Smith said bad planning decisions will create non-communities of displaced people.

She also criticised the lack of infrastructure to support the increasing population that these new houses would bring.

She said: “In Tangmere, 25 per cent of our population is below the age of 18, so there is a high family population, and 40 per cent of the housing stock is social housing.

“Pushing people into high-density housing areas separate from the main services, and creating separate pockets of wealth or age can have detrimental effects on that community.”

She added there has been a clear steer from national government for councils to design out crime, and ensure there is sufficient services to support increasing communities.

Mrs Smith, who is a member of Tangmere’s parish council, added: “Tangmere is isolated – we have no services. We have a shop and a primary school, one bus an hour, and the business park is all but empty.”

Recently Tangmere councillors voted down proposals to construct 50 houses near to Meadow Way, and are holding an extra meeting of the environment committee at 7.30pm on Thursday, August 16, to discuss proposals for a further 50 houses near Church Lane.

The number of proposals for Tangmere has angered Mrs Smith, who believes that the plans should be spread out much more evenly throughout the whole district.

Last month Chichester District Council approved plans to turn the Bader Arms public house into a Co-operative store, however Mrs Smith said this still would be nowhere near sufficient to support population growth.

In her letter to the Observer Mrs Smith concluded: “We have to design out crime. This will only be achieved through planning for balanced and diverse communities across the whole of Chichester District.

“This will make the whole of Chichester an enjoyable and safe place for everyone.”