Chichester factory death ruled ‘accidental’

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A LIVE wire which electrocuted a 21-year-old worker at Natures Way Food in Chichester was left in a ‘precarious and dangerous’ way.

An inquest into the death of Bradley Watts, of Manningtree, Essex, was held at Edes House in Chichester.

Bradley was working in the roof space insulating pipes for his uncle’s company, Mistley Insulation Services, in June 2011. The company was subcontracted by Danston Technical Services, which was working for Natures Way Food.

Bradley was working with his friend and colleague Luke Simpson at the time of his death.

“He was climbing over two pipes,” said Mr Simpson.

“He screamed. I thought he was joking around to start off with. After that I grabbed him and laid him down. He was still screaming.

“I got a shock. I pulled him by the back of the shoulders and laid him down. I went straight down to reception to ask for help.”

The factory had installed a new heating and cooling system and Bradley was finishing off the process – insulating the pipes with rubber lagging.

“It was very low-risk work,” said Craig Gridlestone, director of Danston Technical Services.

David McGarvey, a processing engineer, discovered the unearthed wire.

“The cable was about 18 inches from the walkway,” he said. “It was just lying there – it was very evident.”

The jury, who heard evidence over the four-day inquest, concluded Bradley’s death had been an accident.

Assistant coroner Elisabeth Bussey-Jones said the ‘forgotten cable’ which caused the tragic accident was left in a ‘precarious and dangerous place’.

She also addressed Bradley’s mum, Mandy Watts, who was first to give evidence.

“It is said that there can be nothing worse than having to witness the funeral of your own children.

“I thank you for the bravery and dignity you have shown.”

Mrs Bussey-Jones also decided not to issue a prevention of future death report.

“We know a full police investigation has taken place and we know there is an ongoing health and safety investigation.”

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