Chichester Foyer youngsters raising cash for new computers

Jenny Ball and Ollie Phillips. C120393-1
Jenny Ball and Ollie Phillips. C120393-1

YOUNG people who have found a home from home at The Foyer in Chichester have launched a fundraising bid to buy desperately-needed new IT equipment.

Their aim is to raise £12,000 for computers which play a vital role in helping the 60 residents to access training, find jobs and gain more independence.

The Foyer provides a safe haven for vulnerable youngsters aged between 16 and 25 where they have the support needed to make the transition from adolescence to independent adulthood.

The young residents are all throwing their weight behind the fundraising and, at the forefront of their efforts, are Oli Phillips and Jenny Bell.

Oli, 17, moved into The Foyer just two months ago but is already enormously grateful for the help he is receiving there.

“It becomes like your second home,” he said.

“It not only provides a place for us to live where we always feel secure, but also gives us a push into independent society, that little bit of help we need after leaving home.”

Jenny, 19, has lived at The Foyer for nine months and agrees it is a vital resource for vulnerable youngsters.

“Some of the residents here have come out of care, others have been homeless, so having somewhere safe to live is very important and so is the support we get.

“It has made a lot of difference to me – I’ve been able to do a lot of things I wouldn’t normally have done which helps a lot in being able to eventually become independent.”

Their fundraising efforts kick off with a sponsored sleep-out in the grounds of The Foyer on April 9.

On June 15 an auction will be held, open to the public for an entry fee of 50p.

If you would like to help call The Foyer on 01243 778668 or Oli on 07857 553152.