Chichester graced with music and dance from the past


THE UNIVERSITY of Chichester was graced with more than 30 dancers and musicians from the UK and Europe for the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society Summer School.

This year’s theme was Renaissance dance and music and the plays of Shakespeare.

Throughout the week dancers were tutored by experts in dances of the period – Anne Daye, Jorgen Schou-Pedersen and Hazel Dennison – and the musicians by Renaissance woodwind specialist and teacher, Keith McGowan.

The workshops explored how dance features as part of many of Shakepeare’s plays, reflecting the importance of dance to the daily lives of people in the 16th century.

The dances included the pavan, galliard, coranto, la volta, with the musicians working to play music to accompany and enliven the dances

Two of the musicians on the course, Peter Barnard and Kate Billmore, took their English bagpipes into town on Friday morning to play tunes of the period and talk to people about their music, dances and costumes.

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