Chichester Hero opens Summersdale Pharmacy

CHICHESTER hero Phil Packer opened the new Summersdale Pharmacy on Lavant Road last Monday in front of a large and welcoming crowd.

Local residents were pleased as the pharmacy and is conveniently close to Lavant Surgery so patients don’t have to travel far to pick up their prescriptions.

Manager Katherine Borrett said: “It was an incredible success and great to see such a large number of people there. The fact that the pharmacy is so close to the surgery has gone down really well with residents. It was great having Phil opening the pharmacy as he is such a well-known character, and he was really friendly and chatty.”

Phil Packer, the man behind the BRIT campaign to build a youth centre in the Observer area, carried the Olympic torch in London.

Lesley Kent, business manager at Lavant Surgery, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer a one-stop shop at the surgery, but the pharmacy is available for everyone.”