Chichester man waited more than six months for disabled bay

A Chichester resident has questioned why it has taken more than six months to install a much-needed disabled bay for him outside his home.

Gary Brammall has even offered to go out on his wheelchair himself to paint the bay at Lennox Road – but was told that would be criminal damage.

Mr Brammall suffers from a medical condition that requires him to be able to park closely to home.

But after informing West Sussex County Council of his dilemma, the bay has still yet to be installed.

He applied for the bay because the road often gets overcrowded from other vehicles.

Mr Brammall said: “I was told the council was changing contractors and it would be done as soon as they sorted that out. Back in May I phoned up the council and asked what is going on.

“They sent me another letter by a different person, different date, saying the same thing.

“I said I could paint the bay myself. I don’t want to have to wait for a contractor. They said I couldn’t do that because it would be criminal damage.”

A spokeswoman for the county council said: “Our contractors have tried twice to install the disabled bay but parked cars prevented them.

“We hope to make a further attempt next week (weather permitting) and will put out traffic cones in advance to ensure we can carry out the job.”

Mr Brammall contacted the Observer in July this year after vandals had slashed his car tyres.

He told how he found it difficult to get the wheelchair out of his car because other vehicles had been boxing him in.

Mr Brammall added: “The parking problem is very bad. I usually have to park in the car park behind Lennox Road. All the residents have been talking about it.

“Even if they had to pay for a permit, at least they could park outside their homes.”

Mr Brammall said the other issue with the crowded roads is it can block emergency vehicles and other large vehicles from getting through.

District councillor for the Chichester east ward, Quentin Cox, said: “The problem is, where parking is allowed, people will park there.

“You can’t do anything about it unless the parking regulations change.”