Chichester mother guilty of sending ‘malicious’ emails

A MOTHER has defended herself against allegations of sending ‘abusive, offensive and threatening’ emails to police officers, claiming her account had been hacked.

Standing trial at Worthing Magistrates Court on Friday, Jacinta Farrell, 40, from Kingsham Avenue, Chichester, was found guilty of 14 charges of malicious communications towards police officers and Chichester District Council.

Farrell was also found guilty of harassing her ex-husband and his mother

Prosecuting, David Packer, said: “It is apparent that Miss Farrell had an axe to grind against Sussex Police.”

“You have heard clear reliable evidence from sergeant White and Sergeant Moore about the communications from Jacinta Farrell.

“It is not conceivable that anyone but her sent them. She must have known they would cause distress.

“It is not credible that her account was hacked.”

One message sent to Sussex Police described officers as ‘revolting, despicable, diabolical pieces of filth’.

Farrell admitted she had sent sergeant Chris White ‘neutral and pleasant’ emails but denied sending offensive emails.

“The email account was hacked. I did not send those emails,” Farrell told the court.

She also said she believed the Sussex Police operated a ‘very authoritarian regime’, as she claimed she had been treated badly after receiving a police warning.

Giving evidence, sergeant Suzanne Moore said she was ‘disgusted’ after reading the emails.

“I was appalled that someone would judge me like that,” she said.

Sergeant Chris White said he found the barrage of emails a ‘waste of his time’.

“They were abusive and offensive,” he told the court.

Farrell, who is deaf, also left two answer messages on the home phone of Gill Bradshaw.

Mrs Bradshaw said she was ‘upset and angry’ when she received the messages, describing them as ‘very unpleasant’.

Defending, Chris Chatterton, said: “She is not seeking to point the finger.

“She has said other people have access to her email account.

“She was so concerned she reported the matter to Sky.

“She is the soul carer of two children and is venting her frustration.”

Presiding, magistrate Mrs Lorna Milleffe, said the witnesses were ‘very credible’.

Farrell will be sentenced later in the month.