Chichester parking fine anger

A Chichester woman has said she believes parking wardens should show more humanity when issuing tickets.

Dr Jan Chaundy, who lives in St Cyriac’s, had been unloading her monthly shop from her car in a parking area when she received the £35 fine at 2.30pm on March 8.

Dr Chaundy was diagnosed with cancer last year and following treatment, is now unable to carry more than two bags of shopping at a time up to her first-floor flat.

She said she had not left her car on double yellow lines because it would have obstructed the road and had left it in the parking area for ten minutes so she could unload 14 bags of shopping she had brought from Waitrose.

While she was taking the tenth and 11th bags inside, a warden put a ticket on her car.

Dr Chaundy said: “I have to stop there – there is no other way.

“I can’t walk because it’s too far.

“I had my hazard warning lights on so it was obvious something was happening, and my front door was open.”

She added: “Had wardens remained under the police, I really don’t believe this situation would have arisen.

“I think the police were much more understanding.”

Dr Chaundy appealed the decision, and wrote to Chichester District Council’s civil enforcement parking team to ask them to reconsider the fine.

In their reply the parking services department said Dr Chaundy had been given the penalty charge notice because her car was seen parked in a residents’ or shared-use parking place without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher.

It said it was acceptable to park on single or double yellow lines while loading and unloading, providing the lines were continuous and the vehicle was not parked where it could cause an obstruction.

Officers felt Dr Chaundy’s reasons were not sufficient grounds to revoke the ticket.